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Brenda & Travis

"Katherine is a great wedding coordinator!
I got married on July 18, 2015, and she made the whole process so easy for me. I hadn't realized all the details that go into planning a wedding, until she talked me through them. I completely recommend her. As a stressed out bride, I could not have asked for better support. She truly made my dream a reality.
She is completely professional, but at the same time really easy to approach and talk to. Katherine could pretty much handle anything that came our way.
Since the budget for my wedding was so small, I found myself overwhelmed with trying to make ends meet. Katherine was able to handle the hardest parts of making a low-budget wedding happen. She had great ideas for an economical wedding, and I completely loved how things turned out. She even created a timeline for my wedding day! It is amazing how well-organized she is. My wedding turned out fantastic, thanks to Katherine's innovative creativity. I truly felt blessed to have her as my wedding coordinator."


"She flawlessly coordinated my wedding of over 260 people in two different locations. She made the day so much easier for me and my groom. They made it a day we can never forget. We can't thank Katherine enough. I would hire her and her crew again in a heartbeat!"

Leisa & Ian

"[We] hired Katherine as our planner and florist. I am pleased at how it turned out. Despite the stormy weather, everything went smoothly. Every vendor was phenomenal and we were both very happy. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding (the weather was pretty crazy!) but I would have to say that Katherine did an incredible job and made it near close perfection! I recommended her services to my brother who is getting married in just a couple of months. I comfortable knowing he is in good hands. Thank you for making our wedding day extra special, Katherine!"

Brittani & Chad

"We hired Joyous Events for our wedding, which was just a few short weeks ago.  Katherine is absolutely amazing! We literally cannot thank her enough.  She took over a month before our wedding and made sure everything was in order and organized.  The day of our wedding went so smoothly and perfect, we could not have asked for a better coordinator! Katherine and her team took care of EVERYTHING on the day from set-up to break-down, and it was exactly how we wanted it.  They even made sure we had dinner and drinks.  My husband and I did not have to worry about one thing the entire day/evening.  We got to get ready and enjoy the entire day without any concerns at all!  We highly recommend hiring Joyous Events to anyone looking for coordination services! You will be SO glad you did!

Thank you again, Katherine!!! We are so appreciative for all of your hard work!"

Tina & Bobby

"Katherine and her staff helped us as a day-of (month-of) coordinator for our 100 guest wedding.

It was everything what you'd expect from a great coordinator - organized, thorough, detailed, guiding, calm and quick on her feet.  We had a few moments where quick improvisation was needed and Katherine handled these things with ease. All of that and she was also just fun to have at our wedding.

The true testament to a great coordinator was the fact that my husband and I spent our wedding day without a worry, truly enjoying the moment and each other because Katherine had everything under complete control. As far as we know, everything went off without a hitch. What better gift than that could a coordinator offer a bride and groom? I highly recommend her."

Vallie & Raul

"Katherine and her team are AWESOME!! Katherine is so easy to work and to get along with. She gives very good advice without being pushy, and really cares for her clients!! If she was not there to guide us through the wedding process, I don't know what we would have done. Our day was extra special because of her! We are forever grateful and will never forget what an amazing wedding coordinator she was!"

Kelly & Michael

"Katherine you are amazing!!!! Your attention to details made my day go by without a glitch. Your organization and planning skills speak for themselves. You went above and beyond your call of duty. Because of you and your team I was stress free and knew I had nothing to worry about. My big day was a success because of you. Mike and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Karine & Toby

"I am so grateful to have Katherine as my wedding planner. If she wasn't there to help me with the planning and keep me on track, I would have probably lost it. I like the fact that she tried to help me find ways to be more cost-effective and made me think twice before getting sucked into things that are not really needed at a wedding. Katherine and her team are very easy to get along with and always try their best to make sure I got what I wanted."


"A good friend referred me to Katherine, and I couldn't have been more happier with her and her assistant, JR. My wedding was on November 10, 2018. We had our ceremony at a Catholic Church and reception at Admiral Kidd. I hired Katherine as my day of coordinator. During our initial consultation I immediately felt good vibes from her and felt that she listened and offered good advice. She checked in on me appropriately and was there to answer any questions that I had. She is very organized and professional. She worked well with my other vendors and made my dream reception come true. Katherine and Jr were such a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend them to others."

Tony L.

"I have attended several weddings as a guest, not planned by KDV. I would show up at the designated time and just enjoy the event like everyone else. Most of the time the event goes smoothly, everyone doing what they were supposed to, or at least I think that's what they're supposed to do. Ocassionally there would be a delay or confusion among the vendors as to when they should do this and that, but in the end they get it done. I think to myself, planning a wedding is easy, right? Just have people do this and do that at this time and that time. ?


Last year, I had the honor of being a groomsman at a wedding hosted by Katherine and her fiance-at-the-time, Irfan. It was a moderately medium size..." [more]

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